Tuesday, June 30, 2009


On the harbour side, the superstructure is taking up quite a bit of space, but some work has been going on; the door at the back of the bridge has been beautifully constructed in aluminium and the exhaust casing which runs right the entire way up through it has been fitted. This will take the engine exhaust up from the engine room below the water line to the funnel on the very top of the bridge.

The exhaust casing has been made in steel because aluminium is prone to melting (at about 660 Deg C). Given that the super-structure is aluminium, how will they join the two things together? Steel and aluminium cannot be readily welded together, so, how to join them? Using a bought-in strip which is an exploded-together sandwich, a physical join where the metals just melt into one another.

The steps up to the bridge are made, in aluminium and will be teak treads, beautifully crafted by the metal workers at Coastal Marine.
This is not a good representation, but gives an impression of the strength and usefulness of the steps.


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