Monday, August 10, 2009

Anchors Away! (really)

After our successful weathering of the storm in Red Bay in 2006, using only single anchor and a load of chain, we decided to go for the heaviest "ground-tackle" so Heroine would hold in big winds, we bought two massive 300kg anchors. They are designed to "self-cat", to fold onto a plate on the bow. There is a cunning design to create hawse pipes up which the chain would disappear and then the anchor would fold automatically in place and should not rattle. Our beautiful anchors arrived, and as you can see, compared to the Skipper's manly calves they are quite chunky chaps, and in this lies the problem. Because they are so heavy they cannot be pulled up the hawse pipes and dangle, threatening to swing to and fro and make dents in the newly smoothed hull. So, they are away, back to the anchor shop. They are to be replaced with lighter anchors, 150kg, one of which will still be twice the weight of the Fisherman style anchor we had at Red Bay, so we are still fairly well prepared.


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