Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Deckhouse On!

The crane has come back (after removing some un-licensed building's roof in the next village, they don't mess about here) at at 9.30 we are all ready for the big lift.
First thing is to get Heroine out of the boat shed, and she seems reluctant, modest almost. The tyres on the forklift were smoking by the end but then she was in position on the slip-way.

This is a good opportunity to see her beautiful shape before the superstructure covers it.

The original shipwright from 1970, James Tarvit, says that it was important to keep watching and checking as the ribs were cut and shaped and the planking installed, he had to make sure that it was, as he says "eye-sweet". It was his skill which won us so much praise on our travels, and none more so than when we first arrived aboard her in Eyemouth, where Heroine had not been seen for nearly 40 years. The next sequence of images do all the talking...

To get from the onboard position to when the guys stood back took a good 20 minutes, adjusting the position to get the 5 1/2 tonnes of aluminium in exactly the right position.

The deckhouse looks very big to me, and it never did before, I think it is because we are so used to seeing trawlers everday now that Heroine looks unusual. Not compared to Malahide trawlers though...


Now the superstucture is on, Heroine is pulled back into the shed, and we get a chance to clamber around and have a look. Suddenly H looks like a proper boat, and strangely, the yard seems to be taking us a bit more seriously now we have a bridge and deckhouse...

Once the mast is on, and all the windows are installed it will look very different. At the moment the front of the superstucture is a huge blank of aluminium, and this (I am telling myself) makes it look big. Anyway, the boys from the FMA have had a word with us and they want us to scumble the wheelhouse, in the traditional manner. I am for it, the skipper is not, on account of his (yet uneducated) taste in this area.

Here are some bits of video, and I will be adding more as I get them onto the PC.

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